Article categories

Account Administration

Account options & group administration


Android Devices


Display your logo

Customer Upload

Received files from customers, clients & others

Desktop App

Install & use the Desktop App for more powerful features

Enterprise Edition

The multi-user version, witt Folder Permissions for security and control


Error messages & how to fix problems

File Locking

Use File Locking in the Desktop App to collaborate with others on any type of file

File Sharing

Share files with others, with options for delivery control & tracking, displaying your logo on delivery pages

General Questions

Answers to general questions about features, account settings, etc.

Group Administration

Use the Administrator ID in the Web Client to add/modify/remove your users, control folder and file permissions, set upload notification rules, and more.

HIPAA Compliance

My Docs Online is HIPAA-compliant. Information on proper settings & feature use, background on security technology.


Using My Docs Online with iPad and iPhone.


iPad compatible apps that work with My Docs Online


iPhone compatible apps that work with My Docs Online

Java Problems

Common & uncommon Java problems and how to fix them.

Mac OS X

How the Web Client, Desktop App and WebDAV can all work with Mac OSX

Medical Transcription

Using My Docs Online in the medical field, including HIPAA compliant document storage and delivery, and to transfer voice dictation and finished dictation files,

Moving FIles

How to move files from folder to folder in your account.


Password rules, how to change a password, how Administrators can control in a group account.

Public Folder

Use your Public Folder to host files for web server style delivery. Use generated URL web links to embed documents and files in your own web site, or via email.


Quickbooks files can be safely shared using the Desktop App and File locking.


HIPAA, FERPA, how emerging threats are addressed, and securing your Shared File delivery.

Sharing Files, Share Management and Smart Labels

Rich and flexible File Sharing options, coupled with Tracking & Control of delivered files.


Upload Logs, Activity Logs, File Search, File Undelete/Restore



Web Client

Web Client features & use with modern & legacy browsers.

Webfolders / WebDAV

Use Web Folders (WebDAV) to see your files in Windows Explorer or the Mac Finder.

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