My Docs Online offers two ways automate file uploads and downloads.

An end-user-friendly scripting tool for Windows allows a variety of automation options with no programming. The MDOSDK program, coupled with a configuration file allows users to easily automate a variety of tasks, including:

  • Replicating (copying) the contents of your My Docs Online account to your local Windows PC or server. Sometimes referred to as a “reverse backup”.
  • Easy and automated upload of voice files into My Docs Online for delivery to Transcriptionists.
  • Automated download of files arriving into your My Docs Online account via Customer Upload.
  • Initial loading of large numbers of files and a complete “folder tree” into a new My Docs Online account. The same script can be used on a scheduled basis to continually update a My Docs Online account with new and updated files on the local PC or server.

The MDOSDK scripting tool can also perform a wide variety of other tasks. MDOSDK is offered at no extra charge, including suggestions on how best to use and assistance with creating configuration files. Contact to learn more.

Vendor partners wishing to integrate My Docs Online features into their own web applications will want to explore our My Docs Online Secure File Delivery API. The My Docs Online Secure File Delivery RESTful web api provides access to file delivery services from applications.