PDF Expert from Readdle can be used with My Docs Online to sync and sign pdf documents on an iPad or iPhone, using these basic steps:

  • Install PDF Expert (available from the App store).
  • Set up a WebDAV connection to your My Docs Online account in PDF Expert.
  • Open your My Docs Online account and select the folder or folders containing documents to be signed and select “Sync”.
  • In PDF Expert’s synced folders open the file to be signed.
  • Using the “Sign Tool” create a signature using your finger or a stylus (one time only, later you can just select it).
  • Tap the location where the signature is to be applied. Position the signature and┬áresize as desired. Close the PDF document to automatically sync it back to My Docs Online.

For a more detailed step-by-step guide including screenshots, see this pdf document.

You can also find additional information on Readdle’s PDF Expert support pages.