Your Public folder allows you to move selected files to a location within My Docs Online where the files can be “served” to any user’s browser using a file-specific URL. URLs pointing to files in your Public folder can be used in web pages, copied into your emails or other documents, etc.

To use this feature follow these steps:

  • If you don’t have a Public folder, create one.
    Login to your account and look at the list of folders at the left of the screen. If you don’t see one namedPublic/, click the red New Folder button and create a folder named Public with your Top Level Folder/ as the Destination.
  • Move a file you have already uploaded into the Public folder by selecting it, clicking Move, and selecting Public/ as the Destination. To get a file into the Public folder you will always have to first upload it to another folder (like your top level folder/) and then move it. This is to avoid inadvertently uploading a sensitive file into a location where it might be seen by the wrong person. Duplicate file names are not allowed in the Public folder.
  • In the Public folder click the action bar and then select details.   You’ll see “Public Link” and an associated linke that is formed like this one where user-id is replaced by your My Docs Online login ID and filenameis replaced by the name of the specific file.You can highlight and copy this link to use in emails, on web pages, etc. Try pasting it into your browser’s Address field to see how it works.