File creation and other file action times are stored in My Docs Online using an internal date and time format that is location/time zone-independent.

Display of a file’s creation date and time is the responsibility of the particular client displaying the list of files.

This means, for example, that the web browser interface, which is actually running on My Docs Online servers, will always display US Eastern Standard Time (or Eastern Daylight Time) for files, because the servers are in that time zone. This is also true for the Desktop App.

The Web Folder/WebDAV interface, on the other hand, uses the Web Folders (Windows) or WebDAV (Mac) client on the user’s device, which means the client will generally convert to the time zone set for the user’s PC or Mac.

If it is important that you see the time a file was uploaded displayed in your own time zone, the best method is to use the Web Folder / WebDAV interface.