The desktop app allows you to apply file locks to a QuickBooks file that you want to open and work on.  The lock will keep anyone else from accidentally updating the QuickBooks data file while you have it open.  When you are finished working you can upload the modified data file and release the lock.

The following are detailed instructions for using file locking with QuickBooks.  These instructions assume you already have the QuickBooks data file stored in your My Docs Online account.  There is also a video that demonstrates of the instructions here.

1.  Use the Desktop App to log into your account

2.  Highlight the QuickBooks data file you want to use and click the “Lock and Open” button in the Desktop App.  (this will apply the lock, download the file, and open QuickBooks)

3.  Confirm that the QuickBooks file is noted as “Locked” in the Desktop App

4.  Use QuickBooks the way you normally would.  When you are finished close the data file.   (This step is very important.  The file must be closed before it can be saved and unlocked.  To close the data file use File, then Close Company in QuickBooks)

5.  Go back to the Desktop App which should still be open.  Highlight the QuickBooks data file.  (It should still be noted as “Locked”)

6.  Click the “Save and Unlock” button.  (This will upload the file and release the lock)

7.  Check the Desktop App to confirm that the file is no longer noted as “Locked”.

8.  Check the Desktop App to confirm that the file has the current date and time.  This double-checking should assure that the version of the file you were working on has been successfully uploaded back into your My Docs Online account.

There is a video demonstrates much of this as well here.

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