Yes, it will work, but if you’ve done the upgrade from 10.7 to 10.8 you’ll probably need to to reinstall Java.  Here are step by step instructions for setting it up.

First – go ahead and try and launch the desktop app.  If it works, great.  If not, you’ll probably see a message like this one:

If you try the obvious – clicking the install button you may get a message like this one.

Not to worry, you can install Java from but you’ll need to do it from this apple support link:

The link will take you to Java for Lion, but it works fine with Mountain Lion.  Apparently there is no version of Java written specifically for Mountain Lion yet.

Once you get to the download page click the blue download button and install Java.  After completing the installation go ahead and try installing the Desktop App again.

DOWNLOAD the Desktop App Now

When running the desktop app you’ll get a couple of other warning messages – just accept them and you are on your way.    One of the message will be to “Enable Web Start”

The next message will be to allow the the desktop app to access your computer.  Clicking the check box (see below) will set it up so you don’t need to allow this each time you launch the app.