Setting up a Web Folder in Windows 8 is similar to Windows 7 — once you get the the “Computer” screen. To get to “Computer”:

  • From the START screen select the Desktop Tile (often in the lower left corner)
  • On the Desktop Taskbar look for the File Explorer icon. It looks like this:

Windows 8 Desktop File Explorer Icon

  • In File Explorer (what used to be called Windows Explorer) select “Computer”

From this point setup is essentially the same as for Windows 7:

  • In “Computer” Right-Click an open area on the right side of the Window, then select “Add a Network Location”.
  • The “Add Network Location Wizard” will appear. Click “Next”.
  • When asked, “Where do you want to create this network location?” select Choose a custom network location. Click “Next”.
  • For  “Internet or network location”  enter
  • Click “Next”.
  • Enter your User Name and Password when prompted.
  • When asked, “What do you want to name this location?” enter a label of your choosing (for instance “My Docs Online”). Click “Next”.
  • When you see “Completing the Add Network Location Wizard” Check the box “Open the network location when I click Finish” and Click “Finish” (it may take some time for the Web Folder to open the first time).
  • A Network Location has been created in the “Network Location” section of Computer with the label you choose. (Hint: You can Right-click the Network Location and select “Send to… Desktop” to create an additional shortcut on your desktop. You can also do this for one or more specific folders inside your My Docs Online web folder).