Login IDs can be shared by multiple people. Here are some things to consider.

First and more important, Login IDs each have their own permissions, which control what folders and files can be accessed.

There are three permission levels for a folder:

  • No Access (not even visible to the user)
  • View Access (can be seen and files downloaded, but no upload, no rename, no move, no delete)
  • Full Control (upload, download, rename, delete, move, create subfolders, etc).

So long as multiple individuals have the same role or rights sharing a Login ID works well.

Second, and usually less critical, are Upload Notifications. You can set upload notification based on the Login IDs that can see a folder (View or Full) and the email goes to the address associated with the Login ID. If you share Login IDs there is only one associated email address available.

Third, and very minor, is Activity Logging. My Docs Online includes the option of creating Activity Logs daily that show who is logging in, uploading files, downloading/deleting files etc. The logs include the Login ID. If you share Login IDs and then later want to ask questions like “Who deleted file X on Monday?” The Login ID will be in the Activity Log entry, but the individual person will be less discernible.