Each Share adds a new entry to the Share Management page. By default the most recent Share is the first in the list.

Sortable columns include the date of the Share, the label, if any, used for the Share, the email address of the recipient (if you used the “Send File(s) using My Docs Online” option), the date the Share will expire, and the number of files included in the Share.

A “Details” link displays all available information about the Share, for tracking and control.

On the Share Details page you can:

  • Cancel the Share
  • Change the expiration
  • Change the password
  • Change the Share’s label or Smart Label
  • View the Comment used for the Share
  • See if the Recipient has viewed the Secure File Delivery Page
  • See a list of all files included in the Share
  • View a complete log of all download activity for files included in the Share

The Download Activity Log includes:

  • Date and Time of the download
  • Name of the file downloaded
  • IP address doing the download
  • The result (success, failure, denied due to expired or cancelled Share, etc.)

The log also includes events such as Share Cancellation and Secure File Delivery Page Viewed.

If you need to find Shares that include a particular file Use “Folders & Files” to locate the file, then select “Details” from the “Action” menu for that file. If it has been included in one or more Shares that will be noted, with a link to “View” a filtered list showing only those Shares that include the selected file.