When Sharing files you can select a predefined Label to apply to that Share. The name of the label will then be displayed for that Share (Share Management → Details).

The ability to select a Label (and create Labels) is always available. If the Group Administrator has enabled “Smart Labels” your Labels do more.

If “Smart Labels” are enabled (Group Administration → Group Settings → Share → “Allow Smart Labels for Shares”) the predefined labels can also include “days to expiration”, “password”, and “comment” (each is optional). By selecting a “Smart Label” from a dropdown list these values automatically “autofill” for that Share. (Each can then be updated for that particular Share).

While doing a Share you can also create a new label or smart label (if enabled) “on the fly”.

Each User ID has their own set of Labels or Smart Labels. They are not shared within the group account.

All Labels and Smart Labels can be updated or deleted, and new labels created in Share Management → Label Management.