If you want your browser to remember your My Docs Online ID and password, use these browser-specific steps:

For Internet Explorer (all versions)

  • Select Tools -> Internet Options
  • Click the Content tab
  • Under Autocomplete click “Settings
  • Check “Use AutoComplete for User names and passwords on forms”
  • Check “Prompt me to save passwords”

For Firefox

  • Select Tools -> Options (Windows) or Firefox -> Preferences (Mac)
  • Select the Security tab
  • Check “Remember passwords for sites”
  • Click “Exceptions” to remove www.mydocsonline.com from the list (if needed)

Note: If passwords are STILL not being remembered also check the Privacy tab for Internet Options to see if “Clear History when FireFox Closes” is checked, and if it is, click “Settings” to see if “Saved Passwords” is among the items to be cleared, and uncheck if you want passwords remembered.

Google Chrome

See this Google Chrome Help article: