Windows 7 Web Folder / WebDAV users may see Error 0x80070021: “The process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file” if a folder name ends with a period (“.”).

This is caused by a problem with Windows 7 that removes the period at the end of a folder name when requesting a list of items in the folder from the server, which results in the folder not being found. The reference to the file being locked is not relevant.

The simplest solution is to rename the folder to remove the period at the end (periods within the folder name do not cause a problem).

If possible use the browser interface at to make the change, then “refresh” your web folder view (F5 or “View…Refresh”) to see the change.

NOTE: if your users have shortcuts to folders at or below the changed folder the shortcuts will need to be changed as well. MDOSDK configuration files, if in use for the folders involved, will also have to be changed to reflect the changes to the folder path (MDOpath).