There are two ways of using the Share function with the My Docs Online  new Web Client.  If you want to share multiple files just click the check box on the far right of the file list for each of the files you want to share.  Then click the Share button.

If you just want to share a single file you can use the action bar to the right of the file name – just select “share”.

Once you’ve selected your files you’ll have two options for sharing your files.  The first is to send file(s) via My Docs Online.  If you chose that option we’ll email a link to your recepient that can be used to download the files.

The second option is to email the link yourself.  If you want to do that just chose the section option to “Send file(s) myself by creating a link I can email”.  Then copy the link and paste it into your email message.

You also have the option of requiring a PIN or password, which you must communicate to your recipient separately, and which the recipient will have to enter before the list of shared files will be displayed for download.

You can also share files using the Desktop App.

Using either method will allow you to track the file download through the details section of the file(s).

NOTE: When you Share a file with someone, they get their own “copy”. Deleting your copy WILL NOT delete the copy you have already given. Updating your copy of the file WILL NOT update the copy you have given. Learn how to “take back” a shared file.