January 16th Note – A Microsoft Automatic Update that was released within the past week has caused a recurrence of this problem. If this just happened to you the following instructions should solve the problem. 

You may be getting an error message that contains something like “CouldNotLoadArgumentException” when trying to load the Desktop App.

The problem is probably that the java cache is full on your system and needs to be cleared.  This can be done by taking the following steps:

Step 1 – Remove the Desktop App icon from your Desktop

Step 2 – Clear the java cache

To clear the Java Plug-in cache:

  1. Click Start > Control Panel.
  2. Double-click the Java icon in the control panel.
    The Java Control Panel appears. (Note – If you don’t see the Java icon enter Java in the control panel search window – it should bring it up.  Just click the Java file and continue following the directions below)
Java Control Panel


  1. Click Settings under Temporary Internet Files.
    The Temporary Files Settings dialog box appears.
Temporary Files Settings dialog box


  1. Click Delete Files.
    The Delete Temporary Files dialog box appears.
Delete Temporary Files dialog box


  1. Click OK on Delete Temporary Files window.
    Note: This deletes all the Downloaded Applications and Applets from the cache.
  2. Click OK on Temporary Files Settings window.
When you have the cache cleared and the Desktop Icon deleted run the application again from this link.   That should put a new icon on your desktop and launch the program.
If, after you complete the instructions you’re still getting an error message, or are unable to launch the Desktop App you may need to reinstall java, which can be done from java.com.