(NOTE: if you are using the new version of Dictamus for iOS 7, renamed “Dictate+Connect, see these instructions. This article for is for the older version)

Jotomi’s ┬áDictamus dictation app for iPhone and iPad can be easily configured to upload voice files directly to a My Docs Online folder.

In Dictamus follow these steps:

  • Settings
  • Sharing
  • Add Sharing Destination
  • USA (our servers are located in the USA)
  • My Docs Online (Dictamus has My Docs Online-specific configuration)
In the Dictamus My Docs Online configuration screen:
  • Enter the User (should be the provider’s ID, NOT your admin ID)
  • Enter password
  • Select “Folder” to enter the path information (Example: Acme Transcription/Doctor Smith/Voice Files)
Hint: Dictamus configuration lets you use the “/” that appears on the regular keyboard, and will automatically convert to “\”. Dictamus will also automatically “escape” blanks in the folder path.
Dictamus Configuration for My Docs Online