When using Windows 8, Windows 7 or Windows Vista to access Web Folders you may experience longer than expected delays when:

  • Opening a Web Folder
  • Copying files to or from a Web Folder
  • Changing from one folder to another in the Web Folder

If there is no proxy server required for your LAN, de-select Automatically detect settings in the LAN Settings for Internet Explorer:

  1. Start Internet Explorer.
  2. Click Tools, and then click Internet Options.
  3. Click the Connections tab, and then click LAN Settings.
  4. De-select  Automatically detect settings.
  5. Click OK.

Close the Web Folder if it is open, then re-open it to confirm improved response time.

Technical details:

What causes the problem is when the Microsoft WebClient issues a Web Folder/WebDAV command, it checks for a web proxy server before issuing each command. When Auto-Proxy detection is enabled and there is no proxy server in the environment between the client and Web Folder/WebDAV server (My Docs Online, for example), WebClient waits for the timeout of Auto-Proxy detection. Command completion will take longer due the wait for the Auto-Proxy detection timeout.

Another Web Folder issue with Windows that causes slow response is the building of thumbnails for files in folders. This can be turned off:

  • Open the Control Panel
  • Select Folder Options, then the View tab
  • Check the option “Always show icons, never thumbnails” and apply, as shown here:

Set Folder Options for Icons Not Thumbnails