NOTE: This article has been updated to refer to the version of Customer Upload released in 2018. The new version includes more customization options

The Customer Upload Feature is a link that you can provide to your customers, or anyone you wish to receive a file from, who does not have a login ID to your account. To find your account’s Customer Upload link and customization options:

If you check “Use Subfolders” a subfolder under “Customer Upload” will be created with a name based on what the customer enters in the field labeled “Who are the files from?” Uploaded files will be stored in subfolders, making it easier to determine later which files are from which customer.

Embedding Customer Upload in Your Website

If you are embedding your customer upload page on your own website (perhaps using an iFrame) you can remove the logo (ours or yours, depending on whether you’ve branded the page) by adding &logo=no to the end of your customer upload link. Advanced options and techniques for web developers are covered in this article.

Creating Unique Subfolder Links for Specific Departments

You can create unique links for subfolders under \Customer Upload using the &f= parameter. An example of this might be to create links for a specific purpose or department. This allows the application of specific notification email rules and folder permissions. To set up specific Customer Upload URLs for department or other subfolders:

  • Login here with your Admin ID:
  • Open \Customer Upload
  • Click “Create Folder” then name and create the subfolder
  • Use “Action:Details” for the folder to view and copy the unique Customer Upload link (notice the &f= parameter is added)
  • Use Folder Permissions and Email Notification for the new folder as needed