Our newest Web Client has many important differences and enhancements when compared to the “legacy” web client. Here are some of the most important differences.

How can you tell which you are using? When you log in at www.mydocsonline.com/SecureLogin.html The new web client looks like this:

While the old web client looks like this:

Key differences:

  • Compatible with newer browsers and tablets.
  • Upload multiple files more easily, including with “drag-and-drop” using the most up-to-date versions of major browsers (Internet Explorer 10, Chrome, Firefox).
  • Sharing files is better than the older “Give”. Each “Share” results in a unique link, you can opt to easily send the link yourself or have us send an email to recipients, you can require an optional PIN/Password to further secure access, and your recipients have the option of downloading multiple files in a “Zip Archive”.
  • Advanced Share Management, including a log of recipient downloads.
  • Optional Labels and Smart Labels for Shares.
  • Search is not limited to administrators.
  • Sort by file name, size or upload date.
  • Select multiple files for download as a “Zip Archive”.
  • Improved Customer Upload with multiple file uploads for your customers (group accounts).
  • Free branding on “Share” File Delivery page, Customer Upload, and when logged in (group accounts).
  • The new Notification Flag for Customer Upload files.

If you use the Personal Edition you can make the switch in “My Account”. You can switch back if you need to later.

If your account is a group account you can ask us to switch some or all of your accounts to the new interface.