My Docs Online has been in business since 1999, and at various points in our service history we’ve upgraded our technology and the types of plans we offer.

Right now when you sign up as a new customer you automatically get a new-style plan and the newest Web Client interface. Long-time customers currently have the choice of keeping an old-style account or moving to a newer plan — whichever best suits the customer’s needs. Generally speaking our old-style accounts had far less storage. Those long-time customers who don’t need much storage might save money by staying with their old account. Customers who had added extra storage to an old-style account are often better off switching to a new-style account, where lots of storage is standard.

It’s best to simply do the calculations and compare. Let us know and we’ll crunch the numbers for you if you need help.

The Group Administration portion of the new Web Client interface is much improved, but if you choose to remain on an old-style account while using the new Group Administration, you may run into issues when adding to your total number of users or amount of storage. If that happens, contact us and we’ll help.

The new Web Client does not have the private “My Files” option, which was used in a few Enterprise and Transcription Edition accounts. Any account using “My Files” will need to migrate “My Files” to a folder under the main Enterprise folder, and then Permissions are used to keep the files private. This change needs to be done prior to switching to the new Web Client interface.

There are many reasons to move to the new web client:

  • Better, more powerful Sharing, including optional password protection for shared files
  • Better Upload, including multiple file “drag-and-drop”
  • Even more security with automatic “Encryption at Rest”
  • A more modern look-and-feel
  • Free branding, and more

The new Web Client interface is also where all the new enhancements are being done.

The migration to the new Web Client is on an “ID by ID” basis. Your Admin ID can use the new Web Client while some, or even all, of your other IDs in the group remain on the old Web Client.

It’s also important to note that which Web Client you choose to use, and what plan you are on now or in the future, has no bearing on use of other interfaces, including the Desktop App and Web Folders.

To learn more about the differences between the old and new Web Client, take a look at this article.