There are different options to deliver files to people who do not have login IDs to your account.

The simplest is to use the “Share” feature in the web browser interface or the Desktop App.

You select one or more uploaded files, click “Share” and enter the recipient’s email address.  From there you’re given two options.  One is to have a link generated, that you can email yourself.  The second is to have us send the link for you in an email that comes directly from us.    Many users have reported greater success in avoiding spam filters when sending the link themselves from their own email account.

You also have the option of requiring a PIN or password the recipient must enter before the list of files will be displayed for download. You must communicate the PIN/password separately.

Once you share a file using “Share” you can check on the status of the download by  selecting “Details” in the action bar to the right of the file name.

You may also use the Public Folder, which acts much like a simple web server for  files you put in the folder. More detail on Public Folder

However, if your users will be routinely downloading files – and especially if they also need to upload files to you, you will want to create an ID within your EE or TE account, and set up a folder or folders that they have permission to view. That allows them to use the full range of My Docs Online tools to upload and download.