File Search (and Undelete/Restore) is available in the new web client for all users. Just look for the “Search” button above the list of files. Enter the file name (or portion of the file name) to display all matching files. Two lists will be shown.

“Active” files are files visible in the account. You can open the containing folder or open the file directly from the search results.

“Deleted” files will be displayed after Active files and you can undelete/restore a file or files by checking the box and scrolling to the bottom and clicking “Restore”. Files are normally available for undelete/restore for 48 hours after deleting by user.

In the old or “Classic” web client only Administrators have search and undelete/restore features.

Administrator access to the tool is at My Account -> Group Administration -> File Search

Enter any part of the file name you are searching for. It is NOT case sensitive.

The resulting display is in two parts:

  • Active Files Found
  • Deleted Files Found

Click the underlined link to an active file to download the file, or click the folder icon of the containing folder to go to that folder.

Select deleted files (check them off) and click “Restore Selected Files” at the bottom of the page to make the files active again.

If a folder containing a deleted file is also deleted then the folder will also be restored. If the restored folder has the same name as an active folder there will more than one folder of the same name. The same is true for restored files. If a folder is restored check folder permissions to be certain they accurately reflect desired access policy.

When a file is deleted it can generally be restored for 48 – 72 hours before it is permanently removed from the system.